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Get the all-new "Afro Beats" live drum pack by Dwann B! Get that crispy clean drum sound you're looking for to make your next Afro Beat hit. This includes HQ WAV loops that you can use, chop, and flip however you like in any DAW of your choice. This is what you've all been waiting for!!!

Through impeccable timing, an undeniable sense of groove, and an ethos that serves the music before the ego, Dwann B’s’ prowess on the drums has been delicately carved out over the span of 27 years. Now, through his collection of sample packs, you too can utilize his expertise to splash some extra funk and soul into your musical productions. Used by an array of Grammy Award-winning producers, as well as thousands of producers from around the globe, countless tracks have now been adorned with his expertise and unadulterated love for playing and preserving the live feel of the acoustic kit. Having collaborated with former band members of Earth Wind and Fire, Parliament Funkadelic, Jill Scott, and many more, Dwann B is a true believer that every genre exists in a different pocket, with the goal of his sample packs being to provide high-quality drumming in whatever pocket the sound of your songs require. He cites influence from the likes of Parliament Funkadelic, The Ohio Players, Earth Wind and Fire, and Cameo -- artists bent on not just creating music, but creating a vibe. Now acting as a music historian, his ultimate goal is to preserve that narrative. His packs include everything from one-shots, fills, and drum loops that are ready to be chopped and sampled for your production pleasure. Dwann B’s 27 years of funk drumming experience are ready to add an abundance of groove into your projects.

Afro Beats (Live Drum Loops)

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